The Herd Get New Uniforms, Fans React

The Thundering Herd have some brand new threads to wear for the 2014 season and of course with any change of direction, there were positive and negative reactions, as well as ambivalence.

The Thundering Herd’s equipment Twitter Account unveiled them just before the Fan Day practice on Sunday.




Of course there are some important things to remember here
1. Your opinion probably doesn’t matter.

2. They probably aren’t going away for a few years, if you don’t like them. If you do like them, they probably will be changed again in a few seasons back to a more traditional look, just like Marco.

3. They’re not the horror show of Maryland, so there’s that.

They look fine to me. They still are a solid kelly green and the only real complaint might be the ability to see the numbers.

And let’s not lose sight of what actually matters.

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